More than a decade ago, I started out on my mothering journey with a simple premise: I was going to love the little baby growing inside of me like no one else could.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A full night's sleep

Yesterday was a tough day. There were meltdowns before 7:30. A forgotten project that was due. Overly tired kids (and Mama!) who were out late the night before. The Daddy, however, was on it. He took our son to school, and I would do damage control and take the two late kiddos to school in a bit.

Half an hour later, I came to the horrified realization that my keys were locked in the car. Worse yet, there were no spare keys to be found, anywhere. The phrase, "I just can't adult today," came out of my mouth more than once.  After much back and forth with my husband and oldest daughter, I realized that we have roadside assistance. Those folks took care of me. In under an hour, my car was open and the keys were in my hand.

I didn't bother to take the girls in. Or go to the gym to work out. I went inside and let my teen fee me sushi rice  with avocado. I fiddled with a sewing project, listened to music, read a book, and played Jelly Blast on my phone.  Then I went and picked up my son, and finally felt as if I could face my day. Some days are like that. 

I'm glad today is a Saturday. I stayed up just a little late to watch a movie with my beloved after the kids were in bed, and then I got almost ten hours of sleep. It feels nice to get enough sleep.  Maybe I'll nap today too...

Friday, May 22, 2015

Can't we just hang out and snuggle?

We had a late night, after a busy day. But, it's Friday, woohoo! Alexi thinks we should hang out and snuggle. I agree, great idea. Alas... I have things to do. Shoes to find, clothes to put on, and children to shuttle.

Three weeks to summer vacation. Three. Weeks. It's like a mantra.  "I can get through the rest of the year. It's only 'N' more days..."

Maybe I will open the tent trailer this weekend and just hide in there.  Alexi can come too.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Stress, bad stress

I was an intense kid, in a lot of ways. I felt life intensely, at least, even if you couldn't see it from the outside. I've gotten better, but still experience the world with intensity. This can be a good thing, but as my mama used to say, "Good stress, bad stress, it's all stress."

Twenty two days until vacation. I'm 80% or more ready. I can't wait to go see my Mama. And my sister, niece, the Papa, and in-laws. But mostly my Mama. It's good stress. But still stress.

So I'm brewing up a plan. I am going to go exercise at the gym today. And then I am going to release the expectation that I can control the next three weeks. I will focus on the next thing, on the right now, and remember that no matter how many times I review our plans, it will not make the time pass faster, or guarantee that those plans will go smoothly.

And with that, I need to get my kids ready for school!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another school year nearly gone

The upcoming weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, which means the school year is nearly over. I've neglected my blog for over a year, in spite of intentions to resurrect it. Now it is a morning in mid May, with my savoring a soy latte and trying to pause before the busyness of my day begins.

I'm relieved to be wrapping up the school year. I've been caught off guard by how much there is to do, and the errands to run, now that I no longer have any wee babes. Most often, it is unrelenting. The children are all well and happy, and I am grateful. Yet, I long for days of nothing to do but enjoy existing.

This summer is 23 days away. I'm ready.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tap tap tap... Hello?

Its been a LONG while since I have done any blogging. Over the past couple years, I've primarily posted snippets of my life over on Facebook, and done the occasional personal journal (sharing only with select few if desired). I'm stepping back from Facebook for the moment though, as I reassess my life and health, so thought I might hang out in here. 

Therefore...  Hello! Anyone else around? :-)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 Things I have Learned in the Last Six Weeks

In no particular order, a few things I have learned over the past six weeks:

- Sugar and Starch are not so great for my body.  They seem to promote inflammation and bloating.

- I am reactive to Black Pepper.  Bummer!  No wonder I was getting burning, searing stomach pain "Every time I eat!"  We're still not clear on nightshades, so time will tell.

- I don't particularly like turkey broth.

- I do like wild salmon.  Yum!

- Salt is amazing.  Like, really.

- Also amazing? L-glutamine.  I feel like my life is being transformed.  I will refrain from giving you the gruesome details, but I will say that my digestive system is much happier these days.  I mix it with some broth a few times a day. I was scared I would react to it, as I get terrible migraines with vomiting from MSG.  My ND reassured me that it should not cause that kind of reaction, and to my great relief, it hasn't! Quite the opposite in fact.

- Not amazing? Bovine colostrum.  I know it can be a miracle product for some folks, but I am no less allergic to cow colostrum than I am cow milk.  The sooner I wrap my brain around the fact that I can *never*cheat and eat cheese or milk chocolate without consequences, the better off I will be.

- I can, in fact, survive without coffee, soy lattes, and chocolate.  However, the withdrawal process is absolutely brutal.  Even after the initial physical symptoms had passed, I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole for a week or two.

- It takes more than a few days to recover from chronic autoimmune conditions.  Even when you go into a regimen expecting it to take months, it can be brutal.  

And the big one:
- Waking up with a glimmer of hope is a huge step.  If I can have even one day at baseline, it means that there may be more of those days in my future.

Thanks to my family and friends who have been giving me so much moral support in my attempts to find health and wellness.